Three Rivers Area Disciples

Named after the Wabash, White and Ohio Rivers that surround and flow though Southwest Indiana, the Three Rivers Area consists of 11 unique and blessed faith communities.

The clergy serving these congregations gather monthly except during the summer to  share insights, concerns and plans for Annual Area Gatherings. 


The Disciple congregations in the area include:

Carlisle Christian Church

Edwardsport Christian Church

First Christian Church, Oaktown

click to read a brief history Oaktown History

First Christian Church, Vincennes

click to read a brief history  FCC Vincennes History

Central Christian Church, Washington

click to read a brief history  Washington – Central Christian

Winslow Christian Church

Broadway Christian Church, Princeton

click to read a brief history BCC History

Poseyville Christian Church

click to read a brief history Poseyville History

Bethany Christian Church, Evansville

click to read a brief history Bethany

First Christian Church, Wadesville

click to read a brief history Wadesville First Christian Church 


Click the link to download a pdf file that highlights

some of the various ways our congregations

experience the Lord’s Supper in Worship.

Area communion practices – revised