Talking Faith ???

Remember those toy dolls with a string on the back?  You’d pull the string and it would repeat one of several recorded messages.  Sometimes people are like that when it comes to talking about their faith.

Ask me a question about why I go to church and it’s like pulling the string.  Next thing you know I respond (IF I respond) with a pat answer—a comfortable answer—an answer that sometimes I really haven’t given a lot of thought to.

We just completed our second group study of the book Talking Faith.  One group met in the spring and this second one through the summer.  One of the conversations began by asking people what they would answer if asked “why do you go to church”.  We then collected key words from their answers – words like faith, fellowship, empty. fed, Bible, and “feel right” – and then challenged them to pair up and answer the question again WITHOUT using any of those key words.

It pushed them out of their comfort zone and right into deep consideration of not only “WHY” they do go to church but “HOW” they could explain it to others.

Some of the responses were:

To maintain a level of peace to continue facing life’s challenges

To energize our spirits

To communicate with God through prayer

To fill our lives with knowledge of God’s love

To learn about and praise God


Serious answers that help explain the commitment that people make to church life. 

What do you think?

Why do YOU go to church?